What Is The Gold Tower Essay

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The Golden tower is one of the most photographed attractions in Seville, situated in Andalusia, the northern part of Spain.
You can stroll along the river front of the Guadaquivir River until you reach the impressive 36 meters high watchtower. It does not offer only an interesting history, but it is also situated in the heart of the city, right next to the Triana neighbourhood. Gold tower at night time 1)

Climb up the stairs to get to the platform and get a nice overview of the surrounding area. After that have some tapas in the bars nearby, visit the Luisa Park and the Plaza de Espana or just wait until the nightlife is starting. Everything is within walking distance.
Nowadays its function is a naval museum. The naval museum was established in 1944 and gives information about the maritime
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In 1358 the tower got used as a place to keep Dona Aldonza Coronel. King Pedro ordered supervision for her because of fear of her lover Dona Maria de Padilla. Dona Aldonza Coronel´s brother in law bonded with Aragon´s King Pedro IV and they tried to conquer Seville together in order to get Dona Aldonza Coronel back. He failed and got arrested which is the point when the Gold tower turned into a prison to keep Dona Aldonza. Later on the wife of Dona Aldonza took refuge in the tower after being disapproved by the people of Seville, where Kind Pedro abused her and finally poured boiling oil over her body and face to expose her.
Even more wrecking was the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. The Lisbon earthquake is one of the worst earthquakes ever recorded in history and resulted in 40,000-50,000 victims in Portugal, Spain and Marokko. It caused serious damages for the Gold tower and completely destroyed the other tower on the other side of the
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