What Is The Greatest Sin In The Kite Runner

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Nazareth Regional High School 7/29/17 Nathaniel Haye 10AL The Kite Runner Do believe in sin, if yes what is the greatest sin that there is. For Amir and his father, Baba thought the greatest sin is theft. Theft can come in different forms when you kill you're taking the life of a man or when you lie you're taking the truth away from someone who needs to know the truth. The Kite Runner was about a boy and his father who were from Afghanistan who each had did this and had to deal with the consequences in the future. These consequences were different so they define each one of their characteristics. Baba lied to Amir his only son for twenty-seven years and told him he was an only child. Then after Baba died the story were revealed that Amir’s half brother was…show more content…
Now they were outcast in America so they had to follow the rules and Amir had to exchange from his old school to an American school. For Amir, America was an escape from his memories of Hassan. Amir even graduated high school at the age of twenty, when Baba was fifty. Even when Baba was sick and had to go to the doctor, he was even picky of which doctor should examine him. When they finally got to see the specialist, Dr. Schneider, Baba lost his temper when he found out the doctor was Russian American. Then they found an Iranian doctor, Dr Amani, who discovered that Baba had terminal cancer. Baba and Amir each had characteristics that you can compare and contrast even though they are father and son. These traits help them deal with consequences in the future. Now we know that Baba is a courageous person while Amir is cowardly person who loves reading. Both of them were not used to environment even though they had friends. They should of assimilated more with the people of the country of
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