What Is The Happiest Place At Disneyland

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“The Happiest Place on Earth” or at least that is what Disney says on every billboard, commercial and even as you walk into the park. A place of amusement no matter your age, there is something there for everyone. That first step into Disneyland is life changing. The fresh vanilla smell that you get as you walk further into the park. Children running around with their little bubble wands, that take you back to how it was when you were little and your parents brought you to Disneyland. The feeling of knowing that no matter what happened outside of those gates it will all be forgotten because the atmosphere and people around you will bring laughter and happiness. There are some downfalls though because although they have made Disneyland a family friendly place it is quite expensive for people to visit on a daily basis, making it difficult for just anyone to go and enjoy the fun. But even though it is expensive, it is worth the price because you get to create new memories and when you look back at this memory it will bring back that feeling of happiness. Disneyland is well known by everyone around the world now, but there was a time when it almost failed and had to close. On July 17,1955, the time had finally come, it was opening day of Disneyland. For being opening day Walt Disney and his crew were unprepared for the day; they were nowhere near being ready for guests. The first issue was that a heat wave had moved in and temperatures were at the highest they had

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