What Is The Heights Of Selfie Madness Essay

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The habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return is called generosity that has lost it meaning in our day s now. People now are so quick to give so they can gain something in return whether it being publicity or the appreciation from others. In our generation we are so focused on what we are gaining rather than what we are giving. We have change the meaning of giving in all in this generation, what is giving without asking the question what are we receiving in return. This picture specks for itself in our time now, for example if am volunteering usually 90 % of the time I am thinking of how I can I benefit from it. We are so self-center in our generation nothing really comes for free. In our society, our time now it all comes down to thinking about us. We don’t think about the poor even if it a charity fundraiser, it always find a way to benefit us the people.…show more content…
One can argue that the image was taken in the 21st century due to it being somewhat of a trend in our generation. (IndLa, watchdown.com) The author’s intended audience was ‘’ upper class, wealthier people’’. (History of the ‘’ Heights of selfie madness). The purpose of the image is to show that wealthier people are more willing to give only if they are receiving some benefits in return for themselves or a company they own. According to psychologist Ashley Whillans, Evyen Caruso, and Elizabeth Dann, the ‘‘height’s of selfie madness ‘’ was created so wealthier individuals are likely to give money when they are given a request that appeals to their sense of independence. (Scientific America article, Daisy

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