What Is The Idea Of Europe?

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Cemal Karagoz Idea of Europe Final Assignment Outline: What is the Idea of Europe? • Some of defining ideas • European beliefs • Challenges over the time What images of Europe? • Physical borders • Outside of Europe • Central Europe • Vision of Europe What is European? What is the “Idea of Europe”? When you look at history of Europe we can define the idea of Europe in so many ways with describing beliefs, culture, religion, borders, and some of outside of factors. In overtime Europe has been described with many people who lived in and out in Europe. Today, most of the people can say something about European History but yet how the Europe actually became the one of the most powerful continent in the World. In other ways to define Europe is their modern technology and their economy. The European history, we can definitely see how they became an extremely successful with the technology and help their economy superbly. The people who made the extreme revolutions left to go to America or other continents. Americas ‘largest populations came from England. So many of the kingdoms lived in Europe for years but now Europe is controlled by European Nations (EU). EU is one of the most important factor that help their economy by bringing states together as a whole. EU has a member of twenty eight states that are primarily located in region of Europe. But not all the states are in Europe region, a member of European Nations. For example: “Turkey”. Europe as a whole could
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