What Is The Impact Of Civil Disobedience

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Civil disobedience has been a method of protest for centuries. The debate remains as to its impact on society. A peaceful display of objection can have a positive affect on a free society by initiating change without violence, allowing citizens to stand up for what they feel is right, and guiding future generations on how resist laws in non-violent manners.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” These words spoken by the "mother of the civil rights movement", Rosa Parks, are a perfect example of an every day citizen standing against a law she viewed to be unfair, in a peaceful manner. In one swift moment of passive boycott, Rosa parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white citizen. Although a peaceful protest, she was
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Martin Luther King Jr., has provided every proceeding generation a fine example of civil disobedience that has had a positive impact on our free society. While no one protest is exactly like another, we have seen many citizens practicing their rights to display their objections to recent on-goings in the United States. Groups such as Black Lives Matter, to women's rights groups, and many citizens displeased with our choices in the recent Presidential elections have been busy "voicing" their opinions of unjust. Unfortunately, not all have been non-violent actions. Among those groups who have shown peaceful protests of civil disobedience are thousands of environmentalists who tried stop the Keystone XL project just last year. This project proposed a 1,700 mile long pipeline to deliver Canada sand tar oil to Texas. The Tar Sands Action group arranged a sit-in ,in front of the White House, resulting in over 160 arrests. The Obama administration rejected the proposal, much to the liking of the Tar Sands Action group and many people supporting a clean environment. Another example of free citizens making a difference through civil
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