What Is The Impact Of Peaceful Resistance On A Free Society

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America: a country built on the beliefs that all people are equal, free, and are entitled to the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution is the ultimate law of the land that provides basic rights and rules to the people within the country and how it should be run. With each generation, new problems and issues arise, inspiring groups to stand up for what they believe in. Peaceful resistance to laws positively impacts a free society. One of the biggest positive impacts peaceful resistance has on a free society is the ability to allow a person’s, or group’s, voice to be heard in a safe manner. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights grants the freedom of speech to all in in the United States of America. This allows a person to not be arrested or shamed for something they said. They are entitled to their own opinion. They don’t have to feel bad about what they believe or what they think. This basic right fuels the start to peaceful protests. It encourages people to take a stand and not have to worry about being attacked by police officers or beaten down. The absence of violence allows the protestors, or resistors, and their desired audience to focus on the issues present. They aren’t distracted about bodies lying on the side of the road or about money spent to repair damages. All distractions are off the table…show more content…
They continue to grow, learning from the past, and spreading their effect across the globe. As the population increases, more voices are to be heard and opinions to be expressed. The Women’s March across America earlier this year has been one of the biggest peaceful protests in America. Cities across the country assembled to protest against defunding Planned Parenthood, making abortion illegal, and having men in the government controlling the lives of women. The large scale and power of this march created an overwhelming amount of support; all of this was done without the use of
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