What Is The Impact Of Profit Management Education?

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survival, the community needs to understand and embrace how the organization contributes to the common good; on the other hand, however, the community needs to know how it creates a net community benefit (Millesen, 2014). Next, our programs must teach students how change occurs. For example, students need to look into the future so that attention and resources will focused on the outcomes that must be achieved. Third, students need to learn how to work collaboratively and collectively as part of a group. For example, to effectively address the complex social problems, it requires a multi-sectoral coordinated response (Millesen, 2014). Then, programs must recognize the importance of selecting an appropriate organizational structure and…show more content…
It seems to me that there may be a disconnect between the kind of learning we expect students to emerge with and what we teach. There are many different types of learning environments. Perhaps the academy might practice a little of what we preach and experiment with different models and assess the degree to which alternative educational models produce the kind of learning described above. A second challenge is related to student expectations and assessment. Just like in the business world, where salaries and bonuses and performance appraisals always get in the way of an administrative leader, in the classroom, decisions by individual students to undertake education in the nonprofit sector are complex, intermingling between personal, career, and financial elements. This attitude portrays the individual as making a set of rational decisions about investments in education that will provide job and positive return on income earned. The issue of grades gets in the way as students are also obsessed with what they need to do to get a good grade than to gain new insight into what they want to be in future.
The nonprofit management education programs reveal that most of its populations are primarily female students who are also working as full-time while taking classes. This is not surprising as classes in the nonprofit leadership at Seattle University are currently
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