What Is The Impact Of The Transition To E-Textbooks?

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Explore the Option of E-textbooks The institution has decided to inquire about changing from printed textbooks to e-textbooks. The impact on the students, the faculty, the institution, the publishers, and the bookstore must be considered. The process for selling the change, technology needs, and the effect of the change on the institution’s financial bottom line is presented in this proposal. This proposal is for the President of the institution to review to see if the change is needed.
Impact of the Transition to E-textbooks on Faculty The impacts of converting from printed textbooks to e-textbooks on the faculty are learning new technology, increasing workload, and increasing anxiety. Since e-textbooks perform on hardware and software
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By relieving the anxiety, faculty would have a more positive attitude towards the use of e-textbooks (Chiu, 2017). The administration can alleviate the anxiety that is associated with the faculty’s increase in workload by explaining to the faculty that e-textbooks can include resources that will help relieve some of the workload (Chiu, 2017). Some resources can include content, quizzes, exercises, multimedia, and interactive materials (Bossaller & Kammer, 2014). If the e-textbook is linked to the learning management system, grades can be imported directly from the quizzes and exercises, student engagement could be increased, and student assessments could be evaluated (Bossaller & Kammer, 2014), and this would show the faculty how useful e-textbooks can be (Chiu, 2017). If faculty see how useful e-textbooks are, the greater the acceptance the faculty will have at using e-textbooks (Chiu, 2017). Faculty state that student engagement is increased with using e-textbooks (Geist, 2011). The administration needs to provide technical support that includes adequate software and technical staff (Chiu, 2017). If the faculty feel that they have sufficient technical support, the more accepting the faculty will be towards the e-textbooks (Chui, 2017). Besides helping the faculty with technology problems, the faculty can direct students with technology issues to the technical support department (Bossaller & Kammer, 2014), and this will also decrease the faculty’s workload.
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