What Is The Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act

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Professor and classmates,

Healthcare reform, a subject that is daily in our news with many opinions and feelings such as for, against it, mixed, and confusion. Healthcare reform was initially known as Obamacare. In 2010, former President, Barack Obama signed this act into effect. The purpose of this act was to allow all Americans to obtain health insurance at an affordable rate, especially the unemployed or those individuals earning a low income. It also was put in place to guard individuals from insurance companies denying coverage due to a chronic disease or pre-existing conditions. Within the first five years of being implemented more than 16 million individuals had health care coverage (Roland, 2015).

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The Nurse Practitioners, Physican Assistants, Case Managers, and if needed Physicans involved with the insurance companies and/or prescribing alterative medications that will be covered by insurance prior to discharge.

How did my fellow workers react to the implementation of the ACA? I think initially, there was a lot of confusion, questions (which still surrounds this act today). My co-workers continued to administer the same upmost care to all the patients on our unit and work together as a team. However, there were times, when we were exhausted from picking up overtime, frustrated with floating to other units and/or having to deal with “off-service” physicians to be honest but the patients never saw that nor did it affect care given to our patients. I think one of the biggest concerns initially, was the fear of the unknown, concern for how it would impact our hospital financially, and our jobs.

How were the citizens in my community impacted? The hospital I work for in Cleveland Ohio surrounds and services many poor, inner city communities where there is a high incidence of poverty, unemployment, and uninsured. Therefore, many of these individuals were able to obtain health care coverage, which resulted in an influx of patients being cared for at my facility. Also,
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