What Is The Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act?

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Implementation of The Affordable Care Act has addressed some issues surrounding HAIs. For instance, section 3008 of ACA recognized the HAC or hospital acquired condition in the Reduction Program to further reduce HACs and improve patient quality. In this program, the ACA seeks to establish a monetary incentive through CMS that will encourage hospitals to reduce HAC or HAIs. Since most not for profit, public, and even large hospitals receive some form of funding through CMS from Medicare or Medicaid payments, this monetary incentive is one of the better incentives to have been recently proposed by the ACA regarding HAIs. Therefore, some of the strategies in managing and developing evidence-based practice relevant in handling…show more content…
A literature review confirms that the CDC has noted that there was reduction by 50% Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI). The changes were witnessed between 2008 and 2014. Additionally, there was 13 percent reduction in incidences of MRSA bacteremia witnessed in 2011, and later in the year 2014. The implementation of the strategies and efforts from the ACA to reduce the incidence of HAIs has delivered a strong definitive prevention method or effort indicated by the ACA to lower the overall occurrence of HAIs (CDC, 2016). Additionally, the control of HAIs becomes easier in its management because of the implementation of programs that cater for the cost of treatment in any initiative that gives an opportunity for healthy living and lifestyle (DHHS, 2016). CMS gives the government an opportunity to offer quality medical services in some of the hospitals (Collins, 2008). Furthermore, CMS hospitals receive adequate funding both from the government and individuals as a way of managing and controlling the effects related to HAIs. The funding processes of the hospitals that implement CMS programs have the great opportunity of handling financial resources that assist in the management of HAIs within the hospitals effectively. Monetary incentives through CMS have become possible and supported by Affordable
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