What Is The Importance Of Family

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The family is the closest thing in your heart. The family is people that support you in every way, try to make you a better person. Family shows their love for you in a different way than what relatives may show you. They are the only people that will never leave you even if you do a mistake, they also have a big heart that forgives you for the mistakes that you make. These amazing people include mums and dads.

Extended Family tend to be far away, however with some family children are normally closer to their grandmother and grandfather. Grandparents tend to treat the children with sweets and they play with them from time to time as well. Aunts and Uncles also fall into this category, they are normally strict to their child but when it comes to their niece they lay back a bit and become nicer (happens to me). These people as I stated before are grandmothers and grandfathers.

Friends are important to young people because it is a way of getting more social to people and having people they can talk to at school. Friends are important to have because if you are sad about something that you do not wish to tell your parents you can always tell a friend that you are close with about it. They have not only helped me in many ways but supported me. I may have only known them for 2 years but it feels like I have known them for a long time.

Family Friends are needed by many young children because they are family but just not blood-related. Having family friends that you can tell
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