What Is The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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1. Introduction Recruitment and retention of the best employees in the market largely determines the success of any organization. Leading companies and recruiting organizations regularly structure their human resource management to actively recruit, retain and develop the top talents in the industry (Audia Bianca). Nevertheless, many factors influence the recruitment and staffing strategy; economic conditions, labor needs, organizational requirements, laws and regulations, changing needs and market trends. In light of this fact, the presence of a strong human resource management department in an organization greatly influences the performance of the organization (Vorsbugh Richard). Human resource management is the department tasked with the recruitment of the right personnel, conducting job analyses, providing training, resolving disputes, employee communication, evaluating performance and appraisal and maintaining the general welfare of the employees. 2. The Importance of HRM Today In today’s dynamic…show more content…
Therefore, the actions of the HRM staff must meet the needs of the changing organization or environment. It should be modeled to become more adaptable, employee centered and customer-related. Within the organization, the HRM must learn to professionally manage employees through organizing controlling and co-ordination through which an organization will “be successful amid emerging trends and increasing competitions” (Mitchell Holt). Indeed employees are an organization’s most valuable asset and they must be satisfied, motivated and developed to deliver their organizational obligations. Therefore human resources management should enable employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company vision and accomplishment of organizations goal and objectives, affirming why HRM is a critical component of the success of any
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