What Is The Importance Of Language In The Film 'Arrival'

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Individuals go through their everyday lives using language as a means to communicate with others. As individuals communicate, they speak the language but are only taking in what is on the surface. Words are being taken in but are not understood at a deeper level which can lead to a misunderstanding or miscommunication between both parties. This dilemma is demonstrated in the film Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The protagonists, Louse Banks and Ian Donnelly, are studying and learning the language of the aliens that have landed on earth in order to have a better understanding of their arrival. Language is used to communicate,but language needs to be understood in order to communicate successfully and understand one another 's…show more content…
This demonstrates how language is understood through the development of Hannah’s brain, body, and emotions because each facial expression contains a different meaning that is being communicated. This expresses Hannah’s evolution in language as she is using it as a tool in order to communicate with her mother, Louise Banks. As language is being communicated through facial expressions, it gives Louise Banks a more profound understanding of her daughter as she is understanding her daughter’s emotion. The development of Hannah’s language can be seen at the very beginning when she is born,like all infants, unable to speak. Therefore, it is difficult for Louise and Hannah to communicate with each other since Hannah’s development of language has not been developed. In a later scene, Hannah is in a hospital room and the light around her is much darker to symbolize that her life is coming to an end. In both scenes Louise says, “Come back to me.”This illustrates that Hannah is unable to speak demonstrating how Louise finds it difficult to communicate with her because of the lack of language and communication. Hannah depicts a symbolism of language and its development, a main idea that is expressed in Arrival By expressing language through Hannah’s development, Louise Banks is able to understand her own daughter in a deeper meaning which also helps her to

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