What Is The Importance Of Music Therapy

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Yu, Abraham Timothy R. September 11, 2014
103C Expository Essay
The Importance of Music Therapy Not only does music bring people of different cultures together to celebrate or perform various rituals, it can also be used to heal both the mind and body. Music can serve as a motivation and inspiration for those experiencing emotional strain. It is used for rest and relaxation, to battle depression, soothes the mind, calm patients
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It is a practice not new in the field of medicine. In fact, according to the Eleventh Report of the Joint Committee on Arts, Sports, Tourism, Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs:
Music Therapy is a medical technique that is almost a century old. It began in World War I where veterans benefited physically and emotionally from music in their rehabilitation. If the doctors and nurses were not prepared for the horros of war, neither were the various musicians who crowded into wards to try and help patients who were eager audiences (13). Music Therapy during the World War I to World War II time frame was not yet an established profession. There were no universities offering music therapy courses and people did not have the right skills and training to treat patients using music. Musicians would just simply play their music and hope that it would somehow help. However, as time progressed, a programme to study the said field as a profession slowly emerged in different universities in America until it became an established and accepted profession all over the world. Michigan State University offered the first programme in 1994 involving the use of Music for
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