What Is The Importance Of Racial Inequality

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At first sight, social justice, looks to be like a victory cry a hero shouts at the end of a successful battle against the criminal, and it is actually not that far off from the true meaning. It is a good thing as it promotes equality among society and ensures everyone is treated fairly. However, people use it to promote their agenda, by promoting their idea of “equality” and delving into the past to support why these people need special treatment. There is no doubt about it that African Americans were oppressed and discriminated against for a long time. It is great that they now have a chance and are found on equal grounds, but some see the need to blame all whites for something they never took part in, resulting in race inequality yet again.…show more content…
There are many who support it, as many colleges and universities do this this, but ultimately it is unfair. Many minorities get advantages in this area, while white people have a harder time getting into their desired college because of their race. This is clearer version of modern discrimination, that is still happening today. It is painfully obvious to see that white people are denied thief right of education by doing this and instead giving it to another of different color, of the past. Education is all about learning, gaining the knowledge to function in society, and being successful in this world. It makes more sense for schools to choose applicants by their merits, hard-work, and willingness to learn, which they do, but others put race first before considering all of that. By putting race as priority, it increases the possibility of minorities entering the college, but because schools didn’t take other factors into consideration, they drop-out or fail because they didn’t take the other factors mentioned into consideration. Instead of helping the minorities, it ends up hurting them more than do good, in many…show more content…
They would be correct by saying that, but everyone is different. The entire race is not going to be poor, people are different and advance at different rates, regardless of race. Instead of looking at the color of their skin to take affirmative action, they should look at other factors to have a better scope on the people they should be helping. For example, in this case, instead of looking at it in a racist way, saying all African Americans are poor, they should just look at the people who are poor, or receive a lower income, and help them
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