What Is The Importance Of Safeguarding In Schools

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During this essay I have learnt a range of new things relating to safeguarding through online research, reading different textbooks and listening to my teacher in class. I have learnt about brain development and how interactions at a young age build a basic structure for future learning unless the interactions are negative then the structure will be damaged. I have discovered that all children are different and that some may need more support than others in order to develop and reach their full potential. Something that I have learnt and found interesting is supporting transgender in schools. “The high rate of bullying among transgender pupils is leading to poor attendance rates and an inability to learn effectively, but many schools lack the guidance to best address the issue, a major new report has revealed.…show more content…
Research suggests that support and provision for trans children in schools often "falls short", with some schools simply ignoring the issue or labelling the transgender student as the ‘problem’.” Through researching this topic I have found out information that can help my own practice in a school setting as they suggest children can go through this stage as young as
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