What Is The Importance Of The African American Society?

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The African American society is one that has truly been tested and tried throughout history. Their struggle is one that has been downplayed for years. African Americans first entered the United States in the Southern region with hopes of receiving the “Promise Land” in return for seven years of their labor. This promise was one that has never fulfilled. Through mental and emotional abuse, the ancestors of African American endure unjust, unfair, cruel, and without quest unusual punishment. The African American culture is one that has been stripped of their heritage. African Americans in the United States endured harsh treatments during the time of the beginning of the slavery era. Being an African American is the time of slavery was something that one could never imagine. From being beaten, sold and ripped from their families, this society has had to rebuild its roots and establish their existence, importance and value to society.
Giving Back
The African American society continues to work daily in being an active and productive society. African Americans have recognized the importance of preserving our country. According to Vernon-Jones, “The destruction of the environment of our planet, and global climate change in particular, are a threat to all of us and to our species. People of color, both in the United States and around the world, are disproportionally targeted by the degradation of the environment” (Vernon-Jones, 2014). The need for sustainability in the
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