What Is The Influence Of Media On Body Image

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How influential is the media today on society image? Media has made people believe that they need an unrealistic body shape and standard of beauty. There are two types of eating disorders one is called Anorexia Nervosa causing people to obsess about weight and what they digest. The other one is body image subjective or mental image of one’s self. Binge Eating are frequent episode of consuming very large amounts of food without actions to prevent weight gain by self vomiting. Media has disrupt the truly beauty of a person body and mind by having false pretense of beauty. School Christie Arthur is teaching their students about beauty and how media shapes the young eyes of children body concerns (Stayer Students Learn
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“We see ourselves in dolls we play with… and my daughter was already having preconceived notions of what was an appropriate weight” (Stayer Students Learn About Body Image By Modifying Dolls). At a young age girls are already having weight concerns before puberty begins developing on them to worry about their body shapes. “I like how we could change them to make them our own dolls, the way we could have played with when we were little, and have the right role model instead of having unrealistic dolls to play with” (Stayer Students Learn About Body Image By Modifying Dolls). Young children are getting a false perceptions of what beautiful is and what body shape is defined as perfect. If more kids play with more realistic dolls they wouldn't have developed weight concerns at a very young age. “We were talking about how media influence our body image and how often girls are hyper sexualized or their concept of beauty is altered by the media” (Stayer Students Learn About Body Image By Modifying Dolls). Media and magazines makes women and men very sexualized by putting on a lot of make up, unrealistic bodies, and body exposed. Schools should make a class or lectures about social media use and how the body shapes are not real on the…show more content…
“Some people struggle with their self-esteem and body image when they began puberty because it's time when the body goes through many changes” (Body Image And Self-Esteem). Young children goes through this difficult time developing body parts and getting aware of their body. Well going through this process they realize that not everyone has the same body types as them, and they begin to get concerned how they are shaped. “Family life can sometimes influence your body image. Some parents or coaches might be too focused on looking at certain way or making weight sport team” (Body Image And Self-Esteem). Parents or coaches might not be realizing that they are making the children concern about their weight. That if they are not at a certain weight or they gain weight at period time the adults can sometimes be very blunt about things. “Family members might struggle with their own body image or criticize their kids looks. This can all influence a person's self-esteem, especially if they sensitive to others people's comments” (Body Image And Self-Esteem). Families can be very blunt to each other can cause or transfer their worries about thirty weight to their children. When parents pass on their worries on weight to their children and do not address the problem you can develop into something very
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