What Is The Influence Of The Training Phase On Tracking?

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a. The influence of the training phase on tracking was that the participant got to recognize and get used to seeing where the ball is going the throughout the throw. The training phase allowed the participant’s eyes to trace down how the ball is coming towards them. As the training phase consisted of many trials and different coloured balls, throughout the phase the participant had the opportunity to adjust themselves to seeing how the ball is being thrown. The training phase had a great impact on tracking because it helped the participant to perform better in the post-test following the training phase. b. The influence of the training phase on early recognition of the ball helped the individuals predict where the ball was going to end up earlier in the process. By early recognition, the catching performance improved in the post-test, which means that the individuals could tell where the ball will be as soon as they turned around. The training phase allowed the individuals to improve on their prediction, so when it was time to perform the post-test, they were better in their predictions.…show more content…
Due to the training phase consisting of different coloured balls being thrown at the catcher, the participant had to critically focus on what colour was being directed towards them. This caused the participant to block out background noise and direct their focus on the ball. The participant also had to direct their focus strictly on the thrower as they had to wait for the cue to turn around and catch the ball. From the training phase, the participant was able to improve regarding relevant cue detection, which increased the percentage of successful catches in the
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