What Is The Introduction Of The Kite Runner

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Introduction of The Kite Runner
‘The Kite Runner’ by KhaledHosseini is one of the wonderful and heartbreaking novel which describes the story of unlikely friendship between a wealthy boy and the son of his father’s servant. It was published in 2003 by Riverhead Books.It is Khalid Hosseini’s first novel. In this novel he discuss various themes like theme of Guilt, Redemption, Relationship between father and son and the most important themes of the issue of Cultural Identity and this gives a prominent feature to his novel. It also gives a short description of political and historical events of Afghan Monarchy in the 1970’s as well as it also throw light on his period of life which he spent in Kabul and then shifted to California. In this novel
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Baba's father sets an example for him of being kind to Hazara people, even though they are historically demeaned and persecuted. He could have easily sent Ali to an orphanage after his parents' death, but chose to raise him in his household. Baba does the same with Hassan, although this is complicated by the fact that Hassan is actually his son. Even in Baba's house, the house of best intentions, the class barrier between the Pashtuns and Hazaras endures. Ali is as dear to Baba as a brother; he calls him "family." But Ali still lives in a hut and sleeps on a mattress on the floor. He tends the garden, cooks, and cleans up after Baba, and raises Hassan to do the same. So strong is Hassan's identity as a servant that even as an adult, when Baba is gone, he has no sense of entitlement. He insists on staying in the hut and doing housework. When Hassan dies defending Baba's house, he does so not because he feels it belongs to him, but because he is being loyal to Baba and…show more content…
As an individual see this in Hassan’s actions that demonstrate that he forgives Amir’s betrayal and Amir learns the forgiving attitude in the whole novel. The best example is shown by Rahim Khan who toldAmir to forgive him for the baba’s secrets that he kept away from him and also told that “God will Forgive”. He is confident and said that God will forgive those people who forgives onself and that has only made when one can improve or learn from his mistakes and never repeat it again.
As we earlier discussed the issue of Cultural Identity in this novel. It is the major part which reflects the readers about that time, about the system of that time through which people should be discriminated according to their culture and religion. Afghanistan is the land of many ethnic groups, which is why the country has so many different cultures yet they are all call themselves proudly an Afghan. It also shows us the different aspects of culture who work together to form a national identity.Cultural identity can be defined in terms of one unit as a shared culture, a sort of collectiveness, and holds people as common people and that culture shows ‘One People’. We can also see the example like Language. People communicate with each other in one language i.e. they spoke Afghani Farsi. Language is used as one sign to show them that they are united to each other as one people. Since the language is the

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