What Is The Issue Of Abortion: A Woman's Right Or Wrong?

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In the early twentieth century, women found midwives, physicians, and various specially skilled people to perform illegal abortions. It was not until 1973 when abortion actually became legal. Abortion is a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy. Even though some people believe abortion is a woman's right, they should not be able to kill innocent babies, in addition to this, woman should take responsibility. Abortion allows people to kill babies still within their stomachs, who have not lived to do any wrong. There are people who stick up for those who do not have a voice to stick up for themselves, they are called pro-life believers. After getting pregnant, that person is a parent and responsible for another person's life. Ultrasounds show that after only six weeks the doctor can hear the baby's heartbeat, at 11 weeks the baby has functioning organs, in an abortion a baby can feel pain after 14 weeks, moreover after twenty weeks a baby can recognize their mother's voice. About 211 million woman get pregnant every year and of those pregnancies, 46 million babies are aborted.…show more content…
Pro-life believers think women should not be able to have an abortion simply because they made a mistake. The right to life takes priority over the right to happiness. A valid reason for an abortion would be rape, according to pro-life believers. However, only a small percentage of abortions are actually due to rape. Less than one percent of abortions take place because of rape, and there are over 600,000 abortions every year. There are multiple ways you can end the pregnancy. Forty three percent of pregnancy terminations are with medications, which is the easiest way to end a

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