What Is The Ketogenic Diet And How To Get Started

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hapter 1: What is the Ketogenic Diet? And How to Get Started –––––––– A ketogenic diet is also commonly known as the diet that consists low carbs (car- bohydrates). In this diet, ketones are produced in the liver by the human body, which works in providing energy to other organ systems. Glucose and insulin are the two most common productions by the body whenever a meal is taken, which contains a high amount of carbs. Glucose is the only molecule which helps in pro- viding energy to the body on the primary stage, whereas, insulin helps in trans- ferring the glucose to other body parts by processing it in the blood flow.
When the body gets a lower supply of carbohydrates, it is induced in the state called “Ketosis”. Ketosis is a process in which a human is able to survive with the
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By the help of this procedure, fat is broken down within the liver and Ketones are produced.
The Ketogenic diet helps in the production of ketone bodies through the liver, which helps in utilizing fat as the form of energy, instead of carbohydrates by trans- porting the metabolism of the body apart from glucose. The rule of ketogenic diet includes a certain amount of carbohydrates in a day (normally 100 grams in 24 hours). Proteins and fats can be included in the diet, but it all depends on the di- eter and their goals.
The Metabolism and the Ketogenic
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