What Is The Latest Election In Family Relations

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The Latest Election and It’s Impact on My Family Relations I am a first generation college student, which in my family is my way of rebelling against them. It may seem hard to believe that, in 2017, I was discouraged to attend college because it is not my destiny because of my gender, and is against the religion that I was born into. Growing up, I was always different from my family. Being different in a Southern Baptist household means I was doing wrong. My family takes a lot of pride in their name and reputation in the community. Which is why my family was very upset to hear that I did not take much pride in the fact that I came from a corrupted family, who used slavery and white privilege to get where they are today. They had never…show more content…
But, once I realized what was happening, it was like being set free from self hate. I always thought that I was the problem, I was the weirdo but as I got older, I saw that I was the one who was actually normal in society, that my curiosities had answers and that others shared my opinions. Which also led to my current political opinions, and life philosophies.
I kept quiet all through high school, I attended church service three times a week, I never argued over politics, I never even brought friends, that I knew would speak out against my family, over. Now, what sticks out in my mind is election day 2016. I was a freshman in college, happy about who I was in the world, and glad to not be a part of a household that was moving backwards instead of forward. On election day, I was the happiest girl in the world, because I knew it would be the day that Hillary Clinton became the president of the United States. My friends, all in agreement that Donald Trump had no chance in hell of winning, threw a party. But when the results came in, we all flipped. It felt as though hate had won
Donald Trump becoming president, in my mind, was the equivalent to my family winning in my life. It made me think about how they always say that I am going to come running back to them needing help and wanting salvation, and that how if they won, then the hate in my life would win. So, as any Democrat in a house full
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