What Is The Legend Of Atlantis Myths

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The legend of Atlantis remains as one of history’s most outstanding mysteries, dating all the way back to 360 BC. with Greek philosopher Plato’s first recount of what is now known as the tale of the lost continent of Atlantis. The tale of the said civilisation has captured the interest of people for centuries, having sparked a number of theories, mainly in relation as to whether or not the continent of Atlantis truly exists or is only a myth. Historians such as Ignatius Donnelly, Bettany Hughes, Alan Alford and James Romm share their respective beliefs and interpretations on the many intriguing perceptions behind the truth of Atlantis.

Plato's account ‘Timaeus’, written back in 360 BC, is known as the original and only historical account
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The writer declares that most of what is now recognised as the ancient world’s most significant achievements had originated from Atlantis; such as metallurgy, agriculture, religion and language. He presented the argument that since the ancient cultures of the time weren’t refined enough to have developed these notions on their own, it must have originated from some unknown advanced civilisation; that being Atlantis. For instance, within his text, Donnelly made claims that majority, if not all, ancient civilisations hailed from Atlantis, also making the suggestion that Egypt was the oldest of these colonies and that Egyptian civilisation was a complete reproduction of Atlantis’. This particular point of the writer's was further enhanced by his belief that Ancient Egypt mythology developed from Atlantis' original religion, originally known as sun-worship. This therefore proposes that if ancient civilisations really did develop their traditions from that of Atlantis, the supposedly lost continent must have truly
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