What Is The Literary Analysis Of Once Upon A Time

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Literary Analysis Once upon a time, there were two women. Both were beautiful, but one was weak, the other was a warrior. In ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Rapunzel has isolated herself in a tower as a method to escape responsibility, eventually being found by Prince David. Although she was screaming out to get his attention, she then expresses that she does not want to leave the tower. In Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman, the character of Snow White commanded her own army to defeat the evil queen, who sought to kill her. She fights not with her looks, but with her strength - both mental and physical. The character of Snow White was portrayed as dauntless in the modern-day movie directed by Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Huntsman, but the depiction of Rapunzel in another fairy tale film remake, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, was incompetent and dependant. In Once Upon a Time, Rapunzel is scared. She is stuck with the memory of her brother, who drowned trying to save her from a river that she was warned not to play in. She is next in line for the throne now, and she is frightened by the prospect of responsibility. When Prince James comes across the tower where she is trapped, she tells him of a witch who won’t let her leave. James tells her that she must defeat the witch, as it is really just her, but she persists that “No, I can’t.” (“The Tower” Once Upon a Time). She doesn’t believe in her own ability to face her fear and she sees herself as weak. She depends on James,
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