What Is The Loss Of Innocence In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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In the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde portrays the main character, Dorian Gray, transforming from an innocent, young man to a vain hedonist. He loses his innocence under the influence of Lord Henry, and is searching for something great. In the course of this story, Dorian’s motivation is clearly shown through his elaborate thoughts and actions. Being the curious character that Dorian Gray is, it is obvious that he seeks to find eternal youth and beauty until his demise. Throughout this novel, it can be proven that this idea is plotted by Lord Henry, grows under the influence of the yellow book, and shows to be a curse to one’s soul. Lord Henry is a very influential person and while some of the things he says are not moral,…show more content…
Dorian becomes more infatuated with his outer beauty and the corruptness of his soul. According to Dante, his attractiveness causes people to transform to “ ‘make themselves perfect by the worship of beauty’ ” (Wilde 114). Therefore, Dorian grows to be the icon of beauty people look up to, causing Dorian to be more obsessed with his looks. He uses these experiences to understand the nature of senses. During his studies, Dorian becomes engrossed in the study on jewels. Studying the beauty of jewels “enthralled him for years, and, indeed may be said never to have left him” (Wilde 119). This is on prime example of Dorian’s obsession with beautiful things. Many other examples include tapestries, perfumes, and more, all of which Dorian falls in love with. However, during his studies, Dorian longs to be with his painting even though it shows how much his soul has been corrupted. Dorian Gray worships beauty as his soul becomes more tarnished as portrayed in his…show more content…
He wishes “to keep the unsullied splendor of eternal youth!” (Wilde 191). This piece of evidence proves that he yearns for his youth, when he was an innocent boy who was not aware about the burden his beauty will give him. He desires to not have made those sins that corrupted him into an evil man. He realizes “his beauty had been to him but a mask, his youth but a mockery” (Wilde 192). Yet, he still searches for that eternal beauty and youth. He is aware that being obsessed with his youth and beauty has altered his personality. His sins caused by his desires have spread rumors about him that are not necessarily true. However, Dorian does not care for those rumors because he is more interested in keeping his youth and beauty, even when his soul is
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