What Is The Main Conflict In The Hound Of The Baskervilles

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The Hound of the Baskervilles Essay
Woof.Woof.Woof. Sherlock holmes and watson were running away from the great beast that was chasing them. The beast was big large and fast. Watson pulled out his gun and pow the beast fell to the barren waste land ground. In the novel The Hound of the Baskervilles written by Conan Doyle,the mystery elements that were used were main conflict,setting,characterization , and the author´s techniques of giving clues. As the reader followed that the plot of the novel, the main conflict is the person versus person, or the unfortunate death of sir charles. Sir charles running with such fright. Then slam! He fell to the ground with the horror. The author said he was lighting a cigarette in the alley. Also there was evidence that he was running (19-20). Over the course of time watson was getting very suspicious of Mr. Stapleton. When watson found Sherlock holmes sherlock said he thought it was sappleton (216-220). The finally the hound was chasing after them and the watson with all of his might pulled out his gun and shot the beast in the head. Then they convicted stapleton of the crime for seizing the dog on them.

Although the novel covers
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When he figures out that It was Mr. Stapleton who did it he was mortified. He was so mad that he trained the beat up and unload hour to kill him. Sir charles was the unlucky one. He killed because the hound was chasing im and just suddenly fell and i think he had a heart because he was so scared of the bloodthirsty hound. Mr. Stapleton was furious when they said that they thought he did it. Which then gave watson the conclusion that it was definitely Mr.stapleton that trained the dog to kill. It was not really the dog's fault he just grew up into being a killing machine because stapleton trained him to that. So basically stapleton is the cold blooded killer. All of this is from
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