What Is The Making Meaning Module?

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The Making Meaning module has allowed me to understand and explore how different and growing mediums can express true stories, tackling various ethical boundaries to achieve a respectful and educational goal. The film exercise combined the documentary genre with the ever growing ‘small media’ giving us an insight in how we all have the power to create a moving film with the technology we all keep in our pocket. Secondly, the theatre exercise allowed us to experiment with verbatim theatre, telling the stories of young carers using their own words as a platform for our performance. The words of others were the driving force for both exercises making the process a more organic one and ultimately more authentic as we didn’t have a set plan for…show more content…
By seeing her talk about her own story made what she was saying all the more impactful as it made it seem more heartfelt than the others. Both Loader and Ice and Fire allowed their interviewees to decide who gets to tell their story, which we as a group for exercise one decided was the best option ethically, as it meant that Rhys did not feel pressured to be filmed and it was up to him how much he shared with us.
We chose to have Rhys as the first speaker shown in our film as it meant that audiences sympathise with him and then they hear about the facts behind knife crime, thus putting the audiences’ sympathy into context making a bigger impact. The bridge between Rhys’ interview and Ffion’s interview about the psychological reasons behind knife crime felt seamless and began to answer why Rhys was witness to such an event, thus putting his experience into context. We also combined what Ffion was saying about how knife crime can often seem impulsive with CCTV footage of an unprovoked attack. This evokes a similar reaction as ‘citizen journalism’ as it ‘provid[es] vital evidence of events beyond the reach of the centralized mainstream media’ (Chanan, 2012), as the unedited blurry image emphasises how unplanned and immediate the event was, increasing the effect these images leave on the audience as well as reflecting the point Ffion is making.
Furthermore, with exercise two, we also wanted to enhance what
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