What Is The Market Analysis Of The U. S-India Trade?

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Market analysis has reviled that the mutual U.S.-India trade grew to total over $100 billion in merchandises and services in 2016, even though there was drop in global trade volumes. The United States remained India’s leading trading affiliate, with exports of American commodities and services to India totaling $42.0 billion (up 5.8% from 2015), and imports from India totaling $72.9 billion (India - Market Overview India, 2017). The United States is India’s number one export market, and it has a trade surplus of more than $30 billion with the U.S. the biggest surplus amount it has with any country, while India is the 18th largest export market for U.S. goods. Top U.S. export types to India in 2016 were: precious metal and stones,…show more content…
It is estimated that India will remain growing at levels around seven percent in 2017-2018. This growth is being stimulated by further market freedoms and reforms addressing India’s ease of doing business, as well as an active Government of India-driven campaign to increase local manufacturing, grow the agricultural sector, and attract greater levels of foreign direct investment. WePay, a company that provides a payments platform for services and products for companies, has built-in strategies to help it take advantage of the increasing use of ecommerce in the India economy. Also WePay has a competitive advantage of have the most advanced fraud detection system. E-commerce has allowed for American brands to have easier access to Indian consumers, and has developed as one of the fastest growing new trade networks available for the mutual trade of products and services. The e-commerce market in India is forecast to total over $35 billion in 2016 account for a 65 percent increase over 2015 (India eCommerce, 2017). There is a growing desire for American brands in categories that includes lifestyle products, electronics, clothing, footwear, medical products, and cosmetics, household goods, art and antiques tickets to sporting events and the latest music. The e-commerce system in India can be characterized as Domestic and Cross-Border, Business to Business and Business to Consumer, Market and Inventory based and also Single and multi- brand. The

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