What Is The Market Segmentation Of Dyson

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The target market for the new Dyson vacuum cleaner will be directed toward Brand Lovers,” technologically stimulated communities, medium to high-income households, women, and people who are concerned about improving the quality of air, dust, and allergen removal. However, Dyson must strive to attract new markets with its technological brand, focus on efficiency, powerful performance, modern design, and productivity to individuals outside of these groups, and to small carpet cleaning businesses within the commercial industry.
3.6 Market Segments
As Dyson evolves its brand as a technological seeking entity, it also positions the company as a leader in the market with capabilities to target specific markets through market segmentation. Market segmentation is a critical marketing strategy that involves segmenting consumers into subsets including individuals, businesses, and countries, and identifying the common needs, interests, and priorities of each. This segmenting strategy allows Dyson to design new products and implement them in specific markets that appeal to particular customers.
Dyson geographic segmentation will continue to establish the market trends in specific areas. The design will focus on developing technologically prone regions around the world and penetrate new product to those individuals, businesses, and countries. The company will use technology advertising magazines, ads, and commercials. The company will continue to stimulate the psyche of the

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