What Is The Meaning Of 7 Verses 6-7

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Verses 6 – 7 Though there is a period ending verse 6, the conjunction that begins verse 7 shows that the two scriptures are linked by the same thought. A. Do Not Be Overly Anxious 1. μεριμνᾶτε is the present tense, active voice, imperative mood, and second person plural of the verb μεριμνάω, meaning I am anxious. What is important to note is that the verb is literally means to be divided or distracted, “to go into pieces”. Moreover, the absence of an accusative suggested that the verb should be translated as overly anxious. As a parallel, this particular conjugation of this verb is used only 5 times in the New Testament, twice in Matthew 6 (verses 25 and 28) and twice in Luke 12 (verses 22 and 26). The aforementioned scriptures come
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