What Is The Meaning Of Desiree's Baby

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In “Desiree’s Baby”, Desiree, her husband, Armand Aubigny, and their baby reside in L’Abri, or in English, “the shelter”. Unfortunately, Desiree and her baby do not literally live in “the shelter”. To Desiree, her baby, and the slaves that reside there, L’Abri is a terrifying place where cruelty and unfair treatment occur. When Armand fathoms the idea that his child is of dark descent, “an awful change in {his} manner” (Chopin) overrides his loving nature, guiding towards the belief that his child’s dark skin is Desiree’s fault. Desiree eventually realizes that Armand’s disposition alters, leading her to poignantly ask if he wants her to leave, to which he cruelly replies, “Yes, I want you to go” (Chopin). Ironically, Armand
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