What Is The Meaning Of This?

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"What is the meaning of this?" Jacques said using a serious tone.
" Do you not know?" Rose said it like she was on the verge of her sanity. Jacques stared waiting for her answer.
"This girl is a CRIMINAL!" She said yelling, pointing an accusing finger at me. This was insane I thought to myself, I was no criminal.
"This is not tru-" I began
"QUIETE." Rose snapped. She pulled out a sheet of paper to Jaques I peered over to see what it was, it was a wanted sign, with my own face on it. I just stood there, paralyzed in fear. Finally I spoke,
" This is a set up! They want you to turn me in to simply kill me like my family!"
"Nonsense! I will bring you back to town and you will beg for your mercy."
"No please! I beg of you! I am not a criminal!" She harshly dragged me out the door causing Jacques 's knife to fall from my hands. This sent Rose off the edge, Jaques looked mortified. Rose slowly picked up the knife and looked at me her green eyes starting to tear a bit. She stepped closer, looked me in the eyes, and stabbed me in the leg.
"ROSE!" Cried Jacques

Everything was blurry, I could only make out a few trees.
"Alice?" I soft voice sang in my ear, my eyes began to focus, it was Jacques.
"Where am I?" I murmured,
"Safe." He replied in a Kind way. I slowly got up a felt excruciating pain.
"It 's probably best you stay down." I got up anyways, trees surrounded us.
"Seriously, where am I?"
" After Rose stabbed you, you passed out. I carried you here, it 's safe. I…

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