What Is The Meaning of Life? Essay

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A belief in God is an important part of many people’s lives. How does God, as an important human construct make a difference when determining the meaning of life? The western religions believe their scriptures are the direct word of God. Hence they use them as the authoritative source for many facets of life. Eastern religions tend to treat their scriptures as interpretations by humans, yet still many of life’s mysteries are accepted at truth in their scriptures. So should these scriptures be a foundation for the meaning of life? Also, what if we assume there is some sort of God but there is no answer to which one is the right one. Does it matter to our purpose in life if there is a God which we cannot identify? These are important…show more content…
The meaning of life is spelled out in detail in western scriptures especially the Qur’an, but should we accept it? I think for many people this is acceptable. Scriptures are easily accessible by a huge percentage of people. They are taught and explained even to those who cannot read. They are a great resource to those who do not have many resources. However for people with greater means to access books and different schools of thought, it makes less sense to accept scriptures at face value. Why should a person be confined to one view of the meaning of life? There are so many people, why would there be one meaning of life that is the same for all of them? Would God have created automatons that must go about fulfilling the same goal, yet see fit to give us great powers of reasoning? I don’t believe this would be the case. As people around the world become more affluent and able to gain insight from other cultures it makes sense to stop relying so heavily on scriptures for answers to the meaning of life. If the word of God should not tell us the answer to the meaning of life, then does it matter if we believe in God at all? In some sense it does. The belief in God gives some semblance of meaning, as it is hard to imagining any God placing us here with no purpose. Even if a practitioner does not know or understand this purpose, it is still comforting to know there is one. Without any belief in God the search for an answer goes back to
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