What Is The Mersey Sound Poem

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“The Mersey Sound – Adrian Henri, Roger McGough & Brian Patten”

by Jesús Milla Cabrera Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Setting the scene (Suburban poetry)
2.1. Liverpool: pop poetry
3. Adrian Henri
3.1. Biographical notes
3.2. Main works
3.3. Style and influences
3.4. “Love is...”
4. Roger McGough
4.1. Biographical notes
4.2. Main works
4.3. “Let Me Die a Youngman’s Death”
5. Brian Patten
5.1. Biographical notes
5.2. Main works
5.3. “Little Johnny’s Confession”
6. Personal conclusion
7. Bibliography 1. Introduction

When I heard about an anthology written by Liverpool poets, I immediately decided to write this paper about it. I have been in love with the pop music and The Beatles since I was a young teenager. That is the reason
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The most known was The Mersey Sound, published in 1967. The same year, E. Lucie-Smith edited The Liverpool Scene; and in 1983, New Volume was published. The appearance of these volumes, especially the first two, provoked a huge popular interest in this poetry. Sixteen years after the publication of The Mersey Sound, fourteen editions had already appeared and more than two hundred fifty thousand copies were sold. Despite the fact every poet in this group of three has his own style; all of them coincide in writing innovative poetry. Their poems are conceived to be presented in public, on the stage, and they are usually accompanied by music. Popularly, this is the so-called pop poetry of the sixties, something that revolutionized the limits of the poetry as a genre. This brought the poetry to the ordinary…show more content…
Love has been called “you” and “me” referring to the two lovers (line 17). Personification of love has given it a significant presence. Love makes a lover feel imprisoned in the jail of love (line 18). In other words, love keeps you go back to your lover again and again. Even when the two lovers are physically separated from each other, they can feel the presence of love in their lives (line 19). The feeling of love is so great that it doesn’t know any bounds. It transcends all boundaries of physical existence and makes the person feel the presence of their beloved even they are not close to them. Bibliography

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