What Is The Mood Of Heart Of Darkness Imperialism

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Situate passage into the plot of the story. Marlow has just come across a part of Thames which he refers to as a part of darkness too. Conrad had just went on to list a lot of English seamen before Marlow does. Marlow refers to the “knights” Conrad speaks of as “no colonists” but as “conquerers” which is nothing to brag about, This is in stark contrast to what the narrator of the book had just finished stating, thus suggesting that the narrator is the average persoective while Marlow expresses Conrad’s true thoughts. Moreover, Marlow describes what he dislikes so much about these “conquerers” and even makes his opinion clear: that we shouldn’t classify people as brutes just because they look different from us.
Including Conrad’s arguably most memorable line (“The conquest of the earth […] is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much,”) this passage conveys the contrast between the illusion the public had of colonialism in the Congo with the reality. Earlier in the book, Conrad went on to list various “great knights” who were the English imperialists, thus glamorizing the way in which Europeans colonized all of Europe. Furthermore, the passage emphasizes that the colonialists had been abusive and brutal towards people who were just like them apart from having a “different complexion and slightly flatter noses.” Conrad,
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Contribute to interpretations by Hawkins, Hunt Hawkins states in “Heart of darkness and Racism” that although Heart of Darkness speaks of racism, it also does a great job of making that racism blatantly obvious and undeniable, Furthermore he argues that Conrad was not your average racist because he did not agree with these ideals. He also goes on to argue that Conrad was urging us against the basic “eugenist” ideals and was trying to extremify these ideals through Kurtz, making readers open their eyes to what’s going on around them. He was warning us about what would happen if we continued on the toxic path of which we were already
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