What Is The Mood Of Shalott And If I Die Young

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The Victorian Era saw a huge growth in literacy and literature. This is due largely to everyone receiving mandated education, though it was a miniscule amount, and also because the printing press made printed works more accessible (Reid Notes #5). One author who was published during this time and became very popular was Lord Alfred Tennyson. For the first twenty or so years of Tennyson’s career he was not very successful and was very poor. After some time, his wealth and fame began to increase (Reid Notes #6). A popular poem of Tennyson’s that is still well-known today is “The Lady of Shalott.” The poem is about a young woman who is locked away and will be cursed if she even looks out a window. She decides that death by the curse is better…show more content…
This is displayed in the poem when Tennyson states “But in her web she still delights” (Tennyson line 64). The Lady of Shalott has been weaving a web during her time of imprisonment and she has found happiness in doing that and does not care to look or go outside. In the song, The Band Perry states “The sharp knife of a short life, Well I've had just enough time” (The Band Perry). The singer is stating that though her life has been short, it has been enough time to experience life. Also, both characters wish to end up in some type of “kingdom.” As the Lady of Shalott is in the boat “She floated down to Camelot” (Tennyson line 140). Her intention once getting into the boat was to end up in the kingdom that is Camelot, perhaps to see Sir Lancelot once again. In the song, the lyrics state “And I'll be wearing white when I come into your kingdom” (The Band Perry). From other context in the poem readers can infer that the kingdom that is mentioned is referencing heaven, and the character could possibly be wearing white to symbolize her innocence due to being
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