What Is The Mood Of The Sound Of Music

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The Sound of Music is a musical set in pre-World War II Austria, detailing the lives of Maria Rainer and the von Trapp family and revealing that even in times of hardships, the bond of familial love can never be broken. Maria, a nun from the Nonnberg Abbey, is sent to be a governess to the children of Captain von Trapp because of her inability to follow the rules of the abbey. During her time with the children, she becomes close with each one of them and marries Captain von trapp. After the Anschluss, the von Trapp family is threatened by Herr Zeller of the Nazi Party after showing signs of rebellion by refusing to fly the flag of the Third Reich. They are able to escape Austria by fleeing over the Alps after they are given assistance…show more content…
The backgrounds of the set were beautifully detailed and realistically colored. The colors helped to set the atmosphere of the play, using vibrant colors to create a happier, more optimistic tone and using harsher colors to construct a foreboding mood around the darker scenes of the play. Accentuating the colors were the special effects lighting, making the scenery appear more realistic by highlighting the time of day, using more brilliant lighting for the daytime and muted colors for the sunset. In addition, the costumes were lifelike, emulating the clothing of the time period. The transitions from scene to scene were quick and smooth without any major complications that interrupted the play. The live orchestra that accompanied the musical numbers in the play blended well with the play, never overpowering the singers. However, the core of the performance were the actors and actresses who were very well versed in their parts and were able to embellish their lines with actions and emotions, bringing their characters to life with their acting. Although the microphones occasionally had crackling problems, the overall production was smooth and flowed
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