What Is The Mood Of The White Rose

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The White Rose Scene Analysis This play is extremely powerful, especially in light of the recent events going on politically. I have really enjoyed digging into the character of Sophie; I would love to play her in the full show. The basic given circumstances of the show are 1940s Germany, which is imperative as the events of the show occur because of the anti-Nazi pamphlets the five students produce. This scene is in February of 1943, right before their deaths. Sophie is one of the five students captured along with her brother, her love interest and their friends. In this scene, Herr Mohr offers Sophie the chance to save herself by signing a document saying she didn’t know what she was doing. Her brother and the others would still be killed.…show more content…
To help with this, I worked a lot with the inner monologue exercise we learned in class. One example is when Herr Mohr tells Sophie that she sounds like Schmorell. I struggled finding the objective to deliver that line and the right beat to follow as well. Using the inner monologue method helped fill that moment when she reacts. It actually changed my delivery of the line. At first I said it right away and paused after. With the inner monologue it felt much more natural to pause before while she deals with the guilt and realization that he is going to be killed too. It also helps when attempting to bring that emotion to life in that moment. The White Rose is a play where the given circumstances are so important. The action would be so different if it was anti-Nazi pamphlets after the war ended. The stakes are so high in this scene between Herr Mohr and Sophie because her life is truly on the line. She is willing to give that chance of life up to defend her morals and stay by her friends’ side. As I thought more about the who, what, where, when and why, I realized I really did have to make Sophie fight harder and push Mohr throughout the scene, while maintaining the characteristics she has through the play as a whole, to create a more powerful
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