What Is The Moral Of Huckleberry Finn's Life

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When reading the Huckleberry Finn as I noticed the narrator is met upon by being in a state known as Missouri where he was acting getting civilized by two beautiful women, one was a widow who no one really knew her name and the other one was Miss Watson. As many may know Finn ran into a lump sum of money at the end to tom sawyer, once that had happened he was supposed to stop his street hustle and learn to be a real man. Considering the things that he was accustomed to changing the street life to someone that’s well respected and looked upon was actually difficult for him to do. Finn was known to spend most of his time harassing random people around the neighborhood and he didn’t take baths not as often as people should as well. When Finns…show more content…
As we know Huck was enjoying his life of clean ways, good vibes, attending the church of god, and also school. I know that Huck did all these things just to joins ties with tom which tom had Huck under the impression that by doing all these things that he will be respected. Everything was going fairly well until his dad came back around and was asking for money which he wasn’t really okay with. There was someone who claim that they were trying to help Hucks’ father to better him and try to help him change his ways so that he could be a better person. That goal went down the drain so fast that he knew that there wasn’t no change coming from his dad at all. With that being his dad went right back to his old his ways. However he never did leave town right away instead he decided to stick around and just annoy and bug Huck till he got tired of it. After a period of time he grew to just accept it which his dad didn’t like to much. When they decided to fake death, and met Jim while on the island and ended up going through so much it wasn’t getting no better. To come to it all Huck and Jim both had to leave the island and find some where else to go. Huck did began to realize that an unknown women that was on the beach that her dear husband had seen smoke fumes from the hiden island and was telling people that he seen Jim the runaway slave but it was already…show more content…
Huck did have a short mid crisis about the whole thought of having someone that was potentially stolen property but that all came into clear at some point when things were so close to hitting rock bottom. One point of this adventure Huck and Jim did get separated when they were on a raft and that raft ended up wrecking. Huck did run into a family that was kind enough to take him in. The sad tradagey that ended up happening was pretty sad but things happen and it’s a part of life. The family that Huck was staying with the son ended up getting into some trouble which he ended brining trouble back to his home the outcome came to a complete gun battle. While Huck was in the middle of that situation, Jim was in the process of trying to get the raft fix back together. Once Jim got the raft fixed him and Huck made their way
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