What Is The Mosaic Approach

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The notable framework that I have chosen to use is the Mosaic approach (Farrell, Tayler, Tennent, and Gahan, 2002), introduced by Clark and Moss (2001). The framework was established as part of a project that was investigating ways to increase methods on listening to young children who are under 8 years of age. The foundation for the framework is the use of multiple techniques that support all children with diverse abilities. The Mosaic approach (Clark and Moss, 2001) uses a range of techniques and methods that are aimed to provide choice to young children to how they wish to express their experiences. Some of the methods include the use of child friendly cameras, where the children take photos to signify their view and experiences, map-making, where children represent their experiences through drawing and leading a tour of their surroundings, role play, and ‘child conferencing’ (Clark and moss, 2001, p.26) where children have the freedom to voice their opinions alone or in groups.…show more content…
Clark and Moss (2001) illustrated the importance of observation, observations that involve watching, hearing and listening to all children’s voices. Nevertheless, Clark and Moss noted that observations signify adult’s understandings of a child’s world and environment. We should always consider children’s own interpretations to form the complete mosaic. I adopted the Mosaic approach (Clark and Moss, 2001) because their focus is on research with young children in early years
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