What Is The Most Dangerous Ignorance Or Fear?

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What is the most dangerous—ignorance or fear? While ignorance may be bliss to the individual it does not go without a cost and many times can fall on the shoulders of others. Fear on the other hand takes over one 's logos which inhibits rash decision making and can lead to fall out for many years to come. In the mid-1800s, narrow-minded selfishness, misplaced religious ideology, and gross neglect of fellow mankind resulted from America 's Western Expansion or also known as Manifest Destiny. However, the consequences of the expansion did not stop there. The blurred lines of entitlement and ethics were unfortunately crossed again, but this time the driving force was fear. In 1919, the start of the Red scare after the Great War and the Bolshevik revolution ignited hysteria with the fear of a communist takeover. Although the initial fear faded after World War II, another version the red scare emerged through McCarthyism. Both Red Scares were self destructive and instead of helping democracy and freedom thrive, they created an atmosphere of restricted speech, international elitism, and geopolitical involvements that overreached America 's self-proclaimed jurisdiction. On the surface it is difficult to see the link between Manifest Destiny and both Red Scares, but the parallels exist through American 's justified imperialism, elitist ideologies, and enthusiastic actions that eventually sowed the seeds of war. The first similarity between Manifest Destiny and the Red
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