What Is The Most Important Challenges In Cloud Computing?

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Protection of data is the most important challenges in cloud computing because the location of the data is not always known. To enhance the security in cloud computing organization should provide authentication, authorization and access control for data stored in cloud. Top vulnerabilities are to be checked to ensure that data is protected from any attacks. So security test has to be done to protect data from malicious user such as Cross-site Scripting and Access Control mechanisms.
Cloud services themselves can be composed through nesting and layering with other cloud services. For example, a public SaaS provider could build its services upon those of a PaaS or IaaS cloud. The level of availability of the SaaS cloud would then depend on
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Although the cloud providers maintained control over securing the organization data, some providers are hesitate about giving details of their security and privacy procedures since the information is considered proprietary and might be used to create an avenue of attack. In some service arrangements, details of the network and system level monitoring by a cloud consumer may not be part of the arrangement. Notification tools and Web-based dashboards are made available the customer to monitor the status of the cloud environment, however; the information given lacks sufficient detail and may not be available during a system outage.
Transparency is often looked over when it comes to system security and privacy by an organization. The service arrangements should include ways the organization can have insight on the security controls and processes the cloud provider and their performance over time. For example, the service agreement could tell how the organization can perform audit controls via a third party, to validate control aspects that are accessible or assessable by the consumer.
Integrity is the assurance that data changes are only change or modified by authorized parties in response to authorized transactions. Data integrity is protection from unauthorized deletion, fabrication or modification of data resources.

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