What Is The Most Important Days Of My Life?

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I had been waiting for this trip for what seemed like forever. My mom and I had driven six hours and I knew that it was going to be some of the most amazing days of my life. We passed the sign to our right that stood out with big, blue letters. My heart was starting to pound with excitement. We drove straight for a couple miles and then I saw it. Just like the breathtaking view of a city’s skyline at night, with the light shimmering on the water below. The massive rides stood out from what seemed a million miles away still. Cedar Point. From the drive there and the two days we were going to spend at the park, I knew it was going to be the best trip ever.
My mom and I had started our trip with getting all our stuff in the car. Although I was dreading the drive up there, I knew it was going to be well worth it. We drove through the big cities and the small towns of Ohio to get to the hotel we were staying at. Eventually, after hearing my phone say, “Your destination should be on your right,” my heart began to pound even harder. The first evening we got there we didn’t do much, since we were so tired from being in the car all day. At around ten o’clock at night, I fell asleep, dreaming about the two days to come.
“Hey sleepy head,” I heard my mom say as I sat up in my bed, rubbing my eyes. We ate some breakfast at the hotel, got ready, and we were off. The road to the park felt excruciatingly long. We drove and eventually something caught my eye. It was an enormous hill in
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