What Is The Most Important Thing In My Life

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What is the most important thing in life? The answer is simple, it is knowledge. Most of us seek answers to things that we do not understand or things we want to know more about while some just ask the question but never seek the answer. In some occasions, the answer is out of our reach. I have asked thousands of questions in my life and the ones that bother me the most are the ones I cannot seem to find the answers to. Most of my questions revolve around human behavior in all honesty. Many people think and act in a way that I just cannot seem to understand and that is extremely frustrating at time, especially when it involves the people I care about.

The people that are the reason why I think about why people think and act the way they do is my own family, mostly my older brother. My older brother is the complete opposite of me in every single way; he is this short white boy with a large amount of facial hair and an afro on his head while I am this average height, caramel colored kid with straight, thick hair. Now I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, we have the exact same mother and father. Like our looks, my brother and I have completely different personalities. About four or five years ago, on a cool night in July, there was an altercation that made me realize who my brother was and what path he was taking in life. On this night I was with my brother and my two cousins playing in an alley way, we are young so we are running around doing what young

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