What Is The Most Important Value Of Honesty?

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It is not a coincidence that some of the most celebrated and admired people in history are distinguished for their honesty. Honesty is the virtue of speaking the truth at all times and doing what is morally correct. People like Mahatma Gandhi in India, Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in the United States and President Jose Trinidad Cabanas in Honduras are individuals who we must look up to. Even though their reputations might be based on myth, it is important to notice that people remember them for this virtue. They made major contributions to the world due to their honesty. For this reason, I strongly believe that honesty is the single most important value that a person can possess. It comes accompanied with other major values.
First and foremost, honesty is needed in order for society to function properly. A clear example can be observed here in Honduras. The corruption of the government is one of the most troubling issues that our country faces. We
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Lying might seem as a plausible solution but I have learned through experience that it only works on the short term. The truth will eventually come out and it will only make things worse. The child will eventually find out that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny do not exist and this will only disappoint him/her. Evidence from research done by different psychologists has shown that children can detect when their parents are lying to them. This means that they subconsciously become skeptic in whether they should trust their parents, who should be the first of trust that we should rely on. Your friend will eventually find out that you have been hiding stuff from them and it will cause anger and rage towards you. Concerning the opinion that it is correct to lie because everyone else does, we must never be pawns to what society does if it goes against what we believe. The truth might not be convenient most times but it is fat more rewarding than a

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