What Is The Nature Or Nurture Debate

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The nature versus nurture debate is a long and very difficult debate that has been going on for a long time and has gone in very many different directions. One side of people say kids become bad or good because they inherit the genes from their parents and are that way. The other side says kids become the way they are by watching someone's actions or hearing something. If a parent of some person acts in aggression or in gleefulness in front of a child they will mimic that action and do the same thing. Nature is genes inherited by parents causing people act certain ways. Nurture is children being influenced by events they have witnessed.

In the nature side of the debate they say that behavior is inherited from the parents so it’s in there genes. Some of the genetic traits that can be inherited are eye color, hair color, pigmentation of the skin, certain diseases, height, life expectancy, and other things. Some philosophers say that people turn out the way they do regardless of what goes on in their environments. These philosophers think that nature is the cause of what makes children the way they are when they are older. Galton suggested that human society could be improved by “better breeding” so that more children would turn out to be good from inheriting it from better matched parents.

The other side of the debate in the
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In some cases a child’s behavior can be predicted but the prediction is a guess because anything could happen in their life to change the way you think they will turn out. If a parent isn’t raised well then they could raise the child in the same way or they could raise them in a better way. There are also chances that the parent is bad and the child is bad or the other way around. There is no way to definitely predict a child’s behavior based on a parent’s past
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