What Is The Newtonian View Of The World

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Isaac Newton had the idea that the world functions like a clock. He had a very mechanistic view of the world, believing that everything in the universe was a result of cause and effect. Because of this view, instead of people being seen as spiritual beings, they began being seen as things to be used. Power, over people and objects alike, became very important for people. Individuals with more power were seen as superior to everyone around them. This gave them leeway to push people around and commit crimes that they would get away with. There are only a few that “deserved” respect, and before someone has a chance to do something bad to you, you should do something bad to them. The Newtonian paradigm contributed to the view of women as only sexual beings, in that it stated, “a beautiful body and clothes represent true beauty”. Women would never have as much power as men, and were seen as inferior. It also stated that there was nothing wrong with putting others down, and negative thoughts or emotions, such as anger, have little to no effect on the world. This theory states that emotions do not matter. Hurting people does not matter. Using people…show more content…
They are only content if they hold power over everyone and everything around them. They have no problem using or hurting others, and they are so self-absorbed that they assume that they can get away with whatever they please. My favorite example of someone with this view is a character named Dandy from the show American Horror Story. He is very wealthy and vain. He assumes that everyone should bow down to him and all his riches. He begins to murder people, and bellows that he is above the law. When someone finally realizes his monstrous ways and gets the police involved, he offers the police officer one million dollars in cash, and the officer agrees! Dandy is never arrested; his money keeps him out of the hands of the law, reinforcing his narcissistic
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