What Is The Panic In H. G. Wells The War Of The Worlds

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“The War of the Worlds” is a well-known science fiction novel by H.G. Wells that was published in 1898. This novel is known for its However, one of the most prolific events related to the novel occurred in 1938 when a dramatic radio drama version of the story was broadcasted as a Halloween special. In 1938, radio was one of the most heavily used mediums for people to receive news. This broadcasting was reported to have been misinterpreted by listeners who believed it to be a real event, causing mass panic. This was heavily publicized, however, in recent years, new historical research has suggested that the panic may not have been as widespread as suggested. “The War of the Worlds” tells the story of an alien invasion of earth, and this particular version of the story was an hour-long radio drama narrated by…show more content…
Some of these articles were sensationalist however and made the panic seem more widespread and bigger than it was. Some listeners simply thought the broadcast was a prank. Though CBS Radio did receive an incredibly high number of phone calls that night, it didn’t entirely translate to a widespread panic throughout the country. Despite this, there was still a sense of panic in small instances, with certain listeners fleeing their homes. 1,770 letters were sent to the CBS station, one of which said: “I hope you will lawfully prevent such broadcasts in the future and, if possible, severely discipline all participants.” CBS also received letters from some who were not upset about the event; rather, they were afraid of the FCC overreacting and retaliating which would lead to radio censorship. In the end, the FCC decided that they would not formally punish CBS Radio. Following the broadcast, the Federal Communications Commission made an agreement with radio networks that fictional news flashes, such as those used during the drama, were not to be be used
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